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    How  Win7 can identify the FX3 DVK ?

       Dear guys,


           I am a newer in cypress field . And  now  I should to  familiar with  how to use  USB3  DVK as quickly as possible.


         Now   I read the EZ-USB FX3 Development Kit quick start-guide.pdf  to start my project , and the sdk have been installed in sucess. 


          however, I do not know how to install the DVK' s driver , because when I plugin the  USN cable , there are no  notice in my compurer ,  and  when I open the hardware managment center , there are no other devices  in USB3 tree. 


        Can you tell me how to install the FX3 DVK 's driver  ? 





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          The driver gets installed with the SDK itself. You can confirm it by checking the following path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.2\drivers.


          Even if the driver is not installed, the device should come up in the Device Manager with an exclamation mark. Please confirm whether the power LEDs are ON in the DVK after connecting the USB cable.

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            Dear Manas,


                    If the USB plugin the LED is on , and  I have confired that  in my PC there are have  "1.2\driver" folder  under  the "programm files\cypress folder " . 


                 But If I plugin or out the USB Cable , there are no effects on the PC 's "devices manager" , we know if  the PC indentify a USB device,  the "devices manager " will refresh if the  device plugout !


                I can not find the  guide about how to use the DVK board and how to set the software environment  so developers can develop the firmware .application and so on ....   So when I open the eclipse IDE which located in your USBSuite and loaded the CyUSBSuite  example , there are a lot of errors , It seems that there are errors in  SW environment !



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              Thanks a lot for updating the thread.




              sai krishna.