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    SPI not waiting for completion




      I am using the SPI slave module on a CY8C24423A. This has been working fine for several years, but now I seem to have changed something in the SPI master, because NONE of the PSoC SPI slaves are responding to it.


      After the chip select is detected, the PSoC loads a byte into the SPI buffer, then waits for the SPI transaction to complete:


          mov    A, 0x06               ; MSB First SPI mode 3       
          Call    SPIS_1_Start

          Mov    A, %10101010    ; Load a byte into the SPI
          Call    SPIS_1_SetupTxData


      SPI_Wait:                          ; Now wait for the SPI transaction to complete
          Call    SPIS_1_bReadStatus       
          AND   A, 0x20                ;0x20 = 'SPI Done' status mask   
          jz        SPI_Wait


      However, the SPI_Wait loop exits immediately, even though there no clock edges have appeared yet. I have verified this on a 'scope.


      Any ideas why the loop might exit immediately?


      Many thanks


      Hugo Elias