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    DVK/custom board are behaving differently (CYU3P_USB_LOG_LTSSM_U0 events)

              Hallo, I have the BulkSourceSink firmware running on 2 different targets: a Cypress DVK board and a custom designed FPGA board with an FX3. I enabled the event tracing mechanism provided by Cypress and the output si routed to a UART. My custom HW is failing ( using c++ demo streamer host application) after a while. DVK instead is working without any issue (I attached theme EXCLUSIVELY and to the same USB 3.0 host port) I noticed that the BulkSourceSink firmware on the DVK board after the initial events do not reports any new event with exception of an "still alive" message (one per second) which I added. On our custom board instead the sourcesink fimware (exactly the same firmware) is reporting continuously CYU3P_USB_LOG_LTSSM_U0 (0x90). If things are going right I would expect both target producing the same result, isn't it? What is the meaning of this particular event (LOG_LTSSM_U0 (0x90))? What could trigger this event ? Thanks, JoeBre   
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                  An additional element on the 0x90 issue is that the events are starting as soon as the FX3 re enumerates with the BulkSourceSink firmware even before starting the host streamer application, although the frequency of the 0x90 event increases significantly after clicking the Streamer Start button. As I mentioned previously this do not happens on the FX3 DVK. On our custom board the SourceSink Firmware after a while stops streaming with the behavior described in the "XferData returning false" forum thread. Does this could be caused by a "not robust" SS link ? JoeBre