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    PSoC Today PWM with data paths

              I was trying to follow along with one of Dave Van Ess's video's on data paths and make the pwm as shown. However, I ran into problems at build time and get errors in the PWM8.v on line 84. I have emailed Dave about this problem in some detail, but one of his emails bounces back, and he has not replied to the other. I am sure it is an easy fix as it has to do with syntax, anyone out there that can help? Jim   
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          Just incase anyone else trys to follow along with this video; The answer was         /*  input                   */  .cs_addr({1'b0, EN, TC}),


          Dave to not say any thing about the {} symbols, they are needed to concatenate different bits before giving it to an array in Verilog.




            Thanks goto Kishore Kumar S, Applications Engineer Sr., Cypress Semiconductor Technology India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, India