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    Error 103 - Silicon issue?

      Dear all,




      We have been testing a batch of PSOC3 (Silicon ID : 0x1E01E069) and 4 out of 12, we were not able to program them. The error tha we get is the 103. We have tried solving the issue by lowering the frequency of the SWD with no succes.With the PSoC programer, we are able to read the contents of the flash memory, and erase it. But, as you can see in the image, we can not program.





























      After looking around, we have found that when we can not program, and get the error 103, when we check the Revision of the chip it always says UNASSIGNED, but, when the PSoCs work, their Revision is PRODUCTION. Does this mean it is a silicon problem? (It can be seen in the images attached)



































      Is there any way of solving it?