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    Old GPIF Project Files

              I am trying to debug some really slow performance issue on an old FX2 GPIF design that was designed and released by another person. I have several project issues I am trying to figure out before I get actually debugging the performance issue. The GPIF project was with a 2008 or before tool chain so when I try to load the old GPIF file and look at the waveform/state machine viewer, I get this very simplistic view of the state machine. When I load the old GPIF.C file I get another view that looks more reasonable, but it says my clock is 5Mhz. Attached is the GPIF.c and file along with the GPIF file. Before I start really digging in the performance issues, I need to understand which file I should start with. Do I start with the gpif.c version and just change the clock? Ken   
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          Start by loading .gpf file to GPIF Designer.


          If you import gpif.c, the related FX2 pin information is lost. Meaning if I try to open a gpif.c designed for 56-pin FX2LP, in designer it shows as if the gpif project is for 128-pin and the state machines are shifted as well.




          So start with .gpf file.