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    Question about manufactoring

      Hello again, as I am learning to use this chip, I've come to wonder how do I prepare for my application and chip for manufacturing. Assuming I have my application code written for the devkit; what is needed for me to be able to get that to a custom PCB and the application on the chip?


      Keep in mind I am completely new to this, and I want to make sure this is a task that is viable to me. I have considered using something I'm much more comfortable with, such as a BLE module with an external ATMEL mcu, but that clearly raises the price to almost 2x of this chip.


      Assume I'll be doing the PCB layout, and have access to manufacturing equipment such as a solder wave machine, CNC, pick and place, and an reflow oven.


      How would I go about transferring the application I've written for the devkit, and getting it to the chips i'd be ordering to use with the pcb i've designed. Does broadcom over a solution that I can order the chips with my application already written to them? Do i have to design this in my PCB such that I can write my application to the chip?


      thanks in advanced.