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    Suitability of FX2LP for USBTMC Instrument Class



      I've been tasked with determining the suitability of using the FX2LP as a platform for implementing the USBTMC "Test and Measurement" class for a wide variety of instruments we design. The FX2LP would interface with a spartan 6 FPGA, which seems straightforward, and we'd obviously have to develp custom firmware for the FX2LP to implement the requirements of USBTMC. At first glance the FX2LP seems to have more than enough configurable endpoints to imeplement the standard.


      I have a question about develpment tools however. It seems the development board kit for the FX2LP comes with a crippled version of the tools which are limited to a 4k output file. The website for the provided tools doesn't even have prices, which in and of itself a red flag, but other posts on the board indicate that the price for the un-crippled toolset is on the order of 2k/seat/yr, which is ridiculous.


      Are there other development environments available? there was some talk in another thread about an eclipse-based toolset due out Q213? Is there any movement on that front?


      Also, is anyone aware of any reference design which would help in implementing USBTMC on an FX2LP?


      Thanks in advance,