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    FX3 DVK board SPI boot CyUSB/Linux

      I am trying to boot FX3 from SPI flash. I read FX3 DVK manual for it and prepared J101-104 jumpers for it. I realized that SPI programming must be done in USB boot mode and no PMODE changes are needed.


      I am using linux version of CyUSB. In manual i read: "The FX3 bootloader does not support
      firmware download to SPI flash programming by default. The Control Center application down-
      loads the relevant code, which supports firmware download to the flash immediately when user
      selects the SPI FLASH option in Control Center.". There is no menu item for "SPI FLASH", just radio button for selection, i select SPI FLASH.


      When i select file and start donwloading it i've got this message in console - "Error in control_transfer". I apply some debugging and found that cyusb_control_transfer returns -9. According to libusb control transfer documentation this is LIBUSB_ERROR_PIPE error, which happens  if the control request was not supported by the device. What could be the reason of this problem?