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    RSKV, Debug with UART (continue )

       Dear RSKV,


           From the forum I found  the post " http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=167&rID=64701"  and you helped  clh23047 to resolve the  debug issue. 


         Now I have the same question ,and  after I read the DVK_guide.pdf , Syusb3014 datasheet and the  post , I also can not  resolve the issue. and my com also can not print logs.




         I used the SDK sample "USBVideoclass" as the test project , I have checked  the jumper  connect , and it is right !    Then I connect the DVK  and PC  use COM !   and the source code you can refer to the SDK. 


         I have not changed the initial code about IO matrix .    and then I add some "CyU3PDebugPrint(4, "Hello PC COM\n");" statements.




         However, when I start the firmware  used AMCAP, there are no logs print in "SecureCRT" .   And I checked the settings of SecureCRT  , the setting is "com1-115200-8-none-1". 




        Can you tell me why ??   Thanks !