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    Debugging with MiniProg3


       I have recently run into an issue with the debugger. Over half of the time I try to run my  program within a debugging session, the processor fails to start. If I reset the program, it works. If I set a break point, the program will halt at that location, but then I am unable to step. Almost all of the time I am debugging, I am having to think of ways to work around the chip "hanging". It's completely bizarre. This occurs with two different MiniProg3 units I've used (rev A and B).


      Now here's the fascinating part. If I revert my code back to an earlier version in which I did not notice the problem, debugging works as well as ever. So, something changed that is affecting debugging. I am only using 60% of the code space with debugging enabled.


      Any thoughts on how an application could prevent the debugger from working?