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    Urgent help needed for forum software

              Since more than a month now I *always* get the "small window" without the menu-bar and comfortable size. I tracked down already this to be a setting of my internet-explorer ie10, actual version. I created a MyCase and when no response came I escalated it. Last response from Cypress now is one month old promising nothing. In my lab are a few machines that show the post-window correctly, the comparision of the two machines did not reveal a visible difference. De- and reinstallation of ie10 did not cure the error. It is not possible for me to use on this machine a different browser than ie due to some security restrictions I have signed and have to follow.   
      Any suggestions from your side are welcome!   
      Bob (desperated)   
      Attached picture shows my "small Window" error.   
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                  Hi Bob   
          I have not see this error ever before.   
          Your description window seems can not do drag and expand.   
          You have many limitation for browser, that I can't help it.   
          On other articles, You said Abuse link was dead but   
          still my browser shows that button.   
          Maybe this cause from browser IE10 too.   
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            The forum software problems, and as near as I can tell, the 100% lack of


            response to forum contributors comments on this issue not responded to,


            can only lead to abandonment of the forum. The reason I say this is simple,


            its now taking a great more effort to support Cypress customers on these


            forums, and time is $$, let alone the frustration factor.




            Specifically -




            1) In-ability to edit a post like psocdeveloper.com allows.


            2) Forum overseer not clearing ads, hacks, etc like Eric does at psocdeveloper.com


            3) The promise of the forum software to be HTML, but most of the functions do not work,


            like cut and paste.


            4) Report Abuse button never responded to, and now seems to not work.




            Just a thought contributors, time to compose a letter to T.J. Rogers on this ? or


            direct people to psocdeveloper.com ?




            Regards, Dana.

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                      Well, both is like a slap in the face of the responsible persons at Cypress. Not to do that is like a slap in our face...   
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                Actually I take the viewpoint that constructive review is progress for


                not only the users but the staff responsible for the site. Maybe their hands


                are tied funding wise, or maybe not. But in either case a forum running as


                it should is a benefit to all.




                Regards, Dana.

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                  Have you tried cleaning your cache files ("Temporary Internet Files" in IE)? 


                  When I looked into the issue it was the FCKeditor (the module used to implement this HTML editor) not being properly downloaded ( ajax ) Cleaning the cache or refreshing the page solved the issue several times.

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                            Yes, of course I reset ie, emptied the cache, cleaned the cookies and removed all add-ons. Nothing helped.