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      There are two transfer options in this application:




      -Packets per Xfer


      -Xfers to Queue




      I'm using streaming in firmware with 32 bit.


      Can anyone explain to me what are these two options?


      What is the best combination to achieve the highest throughput?


      Are the transfered packets stored in my ram?




      Thank you!

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          Please find the description of those two terms below:    



          Packets per Xfer: A transfer is a collection of packets for one data set. More number of packets per each transfer reduces the USB overhead and helps in achieving higher data rate.    



          Xfers to Queue: This setting helps in initiating multiple transfers and adding them to task queue. This reduces the latency between successive transfers on the host application side. So queuing more transfers give higher data rate. 





          Sai Krishna.    

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             Thank you for the quick response!


            I would like to know how big is one packet of data


            and if the packets are stored by this application.




            Thank you!

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              If you are using Streamer for USB 2.0 BULK transfers then packet is 512Bytes.


              It is 1024Bytes in case of USB 3.0 BULK.




              Sai Krishna.