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    Cool feature in Creator to generate datasheet of project containing Pin connection, IO connection, components  and other details of project

      Recently I saw the cool feature of Creator to generate the datasheet of Project with just one click.




                One of toughest and most important part of Project development “Documentation” will happen in just one click. This will save a lot of time of developer..


      Steps to generate the datasheet:-






      1)    Open project for which you want to generate the datasheet


      2)    Click on "Build >> Generate Project Datasheet" option in menu of PSoC Creator as shown in Fig 1                   








      3)    It will show the datasheet tab in Creator and this datasheet will have all required information about your project like:-


           a. Pins


           b. System Settings


           c. Clocks


           d. Interrupts and DMA


           e. Information about components used


            f. And many other details