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    ThreadX: Adding NetX (TCP/IP stack)

              Is it possible to add the lightweight NetX TCP/IP stack to the ThreadX RTOS in a FX3S device? (http://rtos.com/products/netx/licensing_overview2) Also, related to the above question, when developing for the FX3S, is the ThreadX RTOS supplied as a binary or is the full source-code accessible (and modifiable)? Furthermore, what are the licensing terms of the ThreadX as supplied with the FX3? Apologies for the many questions! Thanks in advance.   
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          Please find the answers to your questions below: 


          NetX can be added to the firmware as long as you purchase the license. All of the ThreadX OS services are part of the library that we provide, and nothing has been filtered out. So, there should be no problem with getting NetX to work. 


          We can only provide ThreadX in binary form, and are not authorized to make a source release. We can give you the version information and build instructions, so that you can purchase your own license and compile the OS in your environment. 


          If you are using the OS in the library form then you do not have to pay any licensing fees or royalties to Express Logic. 




          Sai  Krishna.



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            Thanks Sai!


            Could you please let me know what version of ThreadX the FX3/FX3S uses? Also, if you can provide that build instructions too that would be great.


            Much appreciated.

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              The threadX version we use is 5.1 (dated December 2007). I will send you some info on the build by Monday.    









              Sai Krishna.    

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                Hi I am looking into using NetX with an FX3.

                I cannot find any of the functions described in the NetX_User_Guide (cannot find anything that starts with nx_ )

                Is there a particular header file needed to be included to access these?

                I know you said ThreadX is only provided in binary form, but I would expect the API calls to be exposed to the developer in a header file or something.

                Final question, is there a guide for using NetX or other ThreadX OS services with the FX3.



                Levi Riley