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    Wrong identification of device by PSoC Creator 2.2



      I have been using PSoC since 1.5 years with device model CY8C3865AXI-019, but after installing  PSoC creator 2.2 (programmer v1.3) when I want to program the device it identifies the device as CY8C3865AXA-019.


      I have found a solution for that select the device CY8C3865AXI-019 as CY8C3865AXA-019 and it will work fine...


      I was using another model also CY8C3866AXI-040 ES2 but since I have updated the PSoC creator 2.2 I cannot program it....help Plz.


      To program that device I have to run the program in PSoC creator 1 which creates problems in updated components.....