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    OS timer ISR - what's inside?


      As all the FX3 ISRs are contained inside the FX3 library file (cyfxapi.a), I am unable to actually see what code is in the OS timer interrupt service routine...


      Is someone from Cypress able to share the code for that ISR?


      I assume it's something like this:










      What else does it contain?


      Many thanks.

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          Please let me know the purpose of knowing the definition of "CyU3POsTimerHandler" function so that I can help you better.


          Please share the details like what exactly you are trying to do with this in your application development.




          Sai Krishna.

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            Dear Sai,


            Actually, I'm not asking about CyU3POsTimerHandler() as I already know that is is merely a wrapper for the ThreadX tx_timer_interrupt() function.


            I'm actually asking about the Cypress code, namely, the 32kHz clock timer ISR within "cyfxapi.a" which calls CyU3POsTimerHandler().


            At this stage, I'm just investigating the relationship between the Cypress API and ThreadX.


            It would be nice to know what is actually happening on each OS timer tick in that ISR.


            Thanks again.