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    Using Base Component


       I need a direction signal for the QuadDec component.  Do I place both the Base QuadDec component AND the QuadDec components, and just use the dir output from the base component (make all other connections with the QuadDec component?  Or do I need to place and implement the base component with counters as shown on page 15 in the QuadDec V2.30 datasheet?  In other words, I lack a basic understanding of how to use the Base components - instead of the normal component, or along with the normal component - and do I need to duplicate all the input connections, or will those exist from the main component.  For example, I have a QuadDec_1 AND a Base QuadDec_1 placed on my schematic.  Are they the SAME "instance" of the device, or are they two completely seperate devices internally?  I hope I have explained it well enough.  Thank you for any help you can offer.