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    WICED Smart SDK on Ubuntu

      Can anyone please help me out with WICED Smart SDK installation and compilation using eclipse on Ubuntu 14.04.

      I am trying to compile SDK using eclipse but it is giving the following error


      14:24:08 **** Build of configuration Default for project WICED-Smart-SDK-1.0.1_copy ****

      /home/hw560218/ConnectivityTheme/WICED-Smart-SDK-1.0.1_copy/make all

      Cannot run program "/home/hw560218/ConnectivityTheme/WICED-Smart-SDK-1.0.1_copy/make": Unknown reason


      Error: Program "/home/hw560218/ConnectivityTheme/WICED-Smart-SDK-1.0.1_copy/make" not found in PATH



      14:24:08 Build Finished (took 13ms)



      Also I am unable to create target "ROM.heart_rate_monitor-BCM920732TAG_Q32 download".Please help me out with necessary settings to be done for using WICED Smart SDK on Ubuntu.

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          SDK 1.x is not supported on non-Windows platforms, though some have been successful in making it work on Mac and Linux. See http://community.broadcom.com/message/3506 and http://community.broadcom.com/message/3831

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            Hi raghavadeep,


            This could be a number of things; the SDK is not set up to compile on Linux, as stated before, but you can get it up and compiling on 14.04 at the very least.


            I'd suggest running the SDK's make command from the command line to see if it's a permissions thing first.


            If you run ./make in the SDK folder, what do you get?


            If not, check your Project build path, make sure it looks something like "${PROJECT_DIR}/make"


            Make sure that all of the Tools/Linux<xx>/ executables have a+x permissions, and check your toolchain common makefile for full paths to this.


            As for the make targets, be sure you have selected your project in the make target window, right click on it and you should be able to create a new make target. Be sure that the full Target name is in there.


            If you're having weird or inconsistent problems, consider re-downloading eclipse and the SDK and starting from scratch.



            Best Regards,


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              A while back I was able to build images using SDK 1.0.1on Ubuntu, but I had to use wine (a windows emulator) to call some windows executables:

              diff -Naur wiced_toolchain_common.orig wiced_toolchain_common.mk
              --- wiced_toolchain_common.orig  2014-02-11 14:18:09.128750842 -0800
              +++ wiced_toolchain_common.mk  2014-02-11 14:14:21.160744316 -0800
              @@ -101,6 +101,10 @@
              export SHELL  = $(COMMON_TOOLS_PATH)dash
              := "$(OPENOCD_PATH)Linux64/openocd-all-brcm-libftdi"
              +CGS_FULL_NAME  := wine $(CGS_PATH)Win32/cgs.exe
              +CHIPLOAD_FULL_NAME  := wine $(CHIPLOAD_PATH)Win32/chipload.exe
              +DETECTANDID_FULL_NAME := wine $(DETECTANDID_PATH)Win32/detandid.exe
              +HEX_TO_BIN_FULL_NAME  := wine $(HEX_TO_BIN_PATH)/Win32/ihex2bin.exe

              Also needed to tell wine where to find COM1 serial port:

              ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 ~/.wine/dosdevices/com1
              echo com1
              > /path/to/WICED-Smart-SDK/com_port.txt

              Then build and download app to the target:

               ./make ROM.health_thermometer_plus-BCM920732TAG_Q32 UART=com1 download VERBOSE=0
              Linking target ELF
              , made elf.
              Writing Hex image
              Call to health_thermometer_plus_spar_crt_setup @ 00209551
              Total RAM footprint  15416 bytes (15.1kiB)

              Converting CGS to HEX...
              Conversion complete

              Creating OTA images...
              Conversion complete

              Downloading application...
              Download complete

              Application running


              Since then I've moved to SDK 2 that runs on Linux out-of-the box.


              Hope that it helps,

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