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    BCM20732 vs BCM20732S P0 Button Stops working on 20732S?


        I have recently been debugging some hardware for a BCM20732S in which the App is the simple hello_sensor App.  The 20732S board has P0 connected to a PB just as the TAG2 board has.  The app runs fine on the TAG2 board and P0 updates/increments Hello x indication/notification.

        On the BCM20732S the device connects/pairs fine and I can 'Write' to the HANDLE_HELLO_SENSOR_CONFIGURATION to blink the LED different amounts but as soon as I allow indications/notifications and Press P0 it updates Hello 0 to Hello 1 but then the device stops responding completely.  I notice a difference in the Debug Output in that the module prints out "Stop Powersave!!!" that prints out when I use the BCM20732S but does not get printed out with the TAG2 board/SOC.  After the first P0 button press the device no longer responds to button presses or if I try to update the HANDLE_HELLO_SENSOR_CONFIGURATION and it certainly appears the device has gone into a DEEP_SLEEP mode as P14/P38 which is attached to the LED drops to GND.


      Any ideas on why the same firmware behaves differently on the SOC than the Module?


      I have already implemented the XTAL Warmup addition to the project.




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          Matter resolved by adding in the XTAL warm-up time to be 5000...


          Re: BCM20732S module keeps crashing


          From the post...

          I confirm that issue was due to crystal warmup time.


          We manage to resolve this issue in firmware by doing the following:


          1 - create a CSG file inside the application folder named app.csg with the content below:


          ENTRY "PMU Crystal Warm up Time"


             "Crystal warm up time" = 5000



          Note that the default Crystal warm up time is 2500. By increasing this to 5000 we managed to resolve the issue.


          2 - Add the following line to makefile.inc in the same folder:


          GS_LIST += $(DIR)/app.cgs


          This trick only works in SDK 1.1 and does NOT work in version 1.0.1.

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