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    PCOC4 isr_1_ClearPending() doesn't seem to compile.



      I have been converting some PSOC1 to PSOC4 and have come across a problem in compilation.  Perhaps someone can explain it.


      The chip is CY8C4245AXI-483


      I have created a very simple schematic with an input pin connected to an ISR component


      When I use isr1_ClearPending inside the generated ISR, the listing file shows no code.


      When I comment that line out, the listing file shows what I would expect.





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          Ian, can you please post your complete project, so that we all can have a look at all of your settings? To do so, use
          Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
          and attach the resulting file.


          Will be much easier that way to check  your generated code.





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            Hi Bob,


            Pretty simple.  It started with a UART, then got down to one pin and one interrupt.


            If you go to the CY_ISR(isr_1_Interrupt) section in isr_1.C and remove the comments on isr_1_ClearPending(); and compile, you will see what I mean.


            I have included a listing file with some explanation.


            It is certainly strange.





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              Excerpt from main.lst


                40                  .LVL0:
                23:.\main.c      ****         isr_1_ClearPending();
                41                      .loc 1 23 0 discriminator 1
                42 0008 FFF7FEFF         bl    isr_1_ClearPending
                43                  .LVL1:
                24:.\main.c      ****         /* Place your application code here. */


              and from isr_1.lst


               381 0006 1A70             strb    r2, [r3]
               169:.\Generated_Source\PSoC4/isr_1.c ****     
               382                      .loc 1 169 0
               383 0008 FFF7FEFF         bl    isr_1_ClearPending
               384                  .LVL20:
               172:.\Generated_Source\PSoC4/isr_1.c ****


              so, both ClearPending() did generate code.




              BTW: You do not need to code a Clearpending in main() and putting the isr_1_Start into the main loop is an error.


              A .h file is not meant to keep definitions of variables, only declarations.


              Additionally .h files need a means to allow them to be included in several files without producing errors due to doubly defined symbols. So in your case:


              #ifndef Test_h
              #define Test_h


              extern uint8 TestVariable;




              include that file in both main.c and isr_1_int.c


              in main.c


              volatile uint8 TestVariable = 1;   // Global vars changed in a handler must always be "volatile"




              I would suggest you to use isr_1_StartEx() which allows you to keep the handler in one of your own files. Changes in the generated files might get overwritten by accident.





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                Thanks Bob, 


                Perhaps I am missing something or we are misunderstanding each other...


                I agree with your comments and I would normally use a file 'initialise.c' and a proper header file to call all the start routines and setup. This was just a simplification to try and find what appeared to be the compilation error,


                I agree  isr_1_ClearPending does generate code but 


                CY_ISR(isr_1_Interrupt) does not generate code when used in the generated routine.  TestVariable is never set.


                 159:.\Generated_Source\PSoC4/isr_1.c **** CY_ISR(isr_1_Interrupt)
                 160:. {
                 161:.     #ifdef isr_1_INTERRUPT_INTERRUPT_CALLBACK
                 162:.         isr_1_Interrupt_InterruptCallback();
                 163:.    #endif /* isr_1_INTERRUPT_INTERRUPT_CALLBACK */ 
                 165:.     /*  Place your Interrupt code here. */
                 166:.  /* `#START isr_1_Interrupt` */
                 168:     TestVariable = 1;               <--------- This line does not get compiled until
                 169:.     isr_1_ClearPending();      <--------- this line is removed
                 171:.     /* `#END` */
                 172:.\Generated_Source\PSoC4/isr_1.c **** }






                 165:.\Generated_Source\PSoC4/isr_1.c ****     /*  Place your Interrupt code here. */
                 166:.     /* `#START isr_1_Interrupt` */
                 168:.     TestVariable = 1;           <---- here we have a compilation
                  28                      .loc 1 168 0
                  29 0000 0122             mov    r2, #1
                  30 0002 014B             ldr    r3, .L2
                  31 0004 1A70             strb    r2, [r3]
                 169:.     // isr_1_ClearPending();          <----- This has been commented out
                 171:.     /* `#END` */
                 172:.\Generated_Source\PSoC4/isr_1.c **** }



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                  Again isr_1.lst:


                   168:.\Generated_Source\PSoC4/isr_1.c ****     isr_1_ClearPending();
                   378                      .loc 1 168 0
                   379 0002 0122             mov    r2, #1
                   380 0004 024B             ldr    r3, .L36
                   381 0006 1A70             strb    r2, [r3] <-- Store TestVariable
                   169:.\Generated_Source\PSoC4/isr_1.c ****     
                   382                      .loc 1 169 0
                   383 0008 FFF7FEFF         bl    isr_1_ClearPending <-- ClearPending
                   384                  .LVL20:




                  Do you really question that the Gnu C Compiler is errornous in such a simple program? When the line for setting the variable is never executed there will be another reason.


                  Edit: Project attached