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    USB2.0 LPM L1 Compatibility


      Hi all,


      I'm dealing with USB-IF certification for a device build using a FX3S. The test performed with USB 3 Gen X Command Verifier (Chapter 9 Tests) goes smooth for the USB3.0 part but, if I put an USB2.0 hub in the middle and attempt the USB2.0 part there is a fail:




      Now Starting Test: L1Suspend/Resume Test (Configuration Index 0)
      Start time: Mon Aug  1 14:54:36 2016


      Checking Device Under Test for LPM L1 Compatibility...
      USB version of device is 2.10.
      DUT IS compatible with LPM.
      LPM IS required for DUT
      USB 2.0 Extension Descriptor bmAttributes:
          LPM Capable = 1
          BESL and Alternate HIRD Supported = 1
          Baseline BESL Valid = 0
          Deep BESL Valid = 0
          Baseline BESL: 0d
          Deep BESL:  0d
      Device Under Test is LPM Compatible.
      Upstream port is LPM Compatible.
      Parent port of DUT does not support L1C.
      Test failed


      Stop time: Mon Aug  1 14:54:37 2016
      Duration:  1 second.
      Stopping Test [ L1Suspend/Resume Test (Configuration Index 0):
           Number of: Fails (1); Aborts (1); Warnings (0) ]


      Does somebody know what "L1C" means (above sentence "Parent port of DUT does not support L1C") ?


      Is there some FX3 fw example on how to correctly manage USB2.0 LPM L1 compatibility?




      Thanks a lot,