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    Cypress EZUSB FX3 to stream video from OV7670


      Hi community,


      I'm following application note AN75779 to stream the raw video data from OV7670. I'm connecting the FX3 to the host USB 3.0 port, which successfully recognized it as a USB composite device, I guess that's working alright.


      However, since OV7670 does not support 1280*720 resolution, I'm modifying the VS frame descriptor CyFxUSBSSConfigDscr in cyfxuvcdscr.c, at 640*480@30fps. Another place I modified is uvc.c, the glProbeCtrl structure.


      Also, the frame sync vsync signal output from OV7670 is active low, so I modified the GPIF II project and override the cyfxgpif2config.h file in the eclipse project.


      After rebuilding the solution, I reflashed the FX3, AMCap successfully regonized the video resolution as 640*480, however, the whole video screen is all blank.


      The UART debug console output prints UVC: Completed 0 frames and 0 buffers every one second.


      Is there anything I'm missing in here? Do you have a working code sample for such?