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    interfacing S25FL127S with STM32

              Hi, Is it possible to provide any sample code for interfacing S25FL127S with any of the STM32 controller.   
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          Hello Sathyavathi,


          We do not have any sample code with STM32 controller. We do have sample code with our PSoC which can be used as reference.


          I am attaching the project where basic code for read and write for S25Fl512S is implemented using Cy8CKIT -042. You can use this as reference.


          The basic read and write operations will be same. Please go through it and let us know if you need any clarifications.





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            Im trying to use S25FL127S with STM32F407VETX. When i send RDID(0x9F)  command i always receive 0xFFFFFF instead of getting 0x012018 (01h,20h,18h). 


            Any clue on this is appreciated.




            Hardware SetUp:


            Pin1(CS#) ----> has 10K pullup and connected to STM32 CS Pin


            Pin2(SO) ----> connected to STM32  MISO through level shifting.


            Pin3(WP#)----> 10K pullup resistor is connected. Not Connected to STM32.


            Pin4(GND)----> made SS25FL127S GND and STM32 GND common.


            Pin5(SI) --------> connected to STM32  MOSI through level shifting.


            Pin6(CLK) --------> connected to STM32  CLK through level shifting.


            Pin7(HOLD#) ------> 10K pullup resistor is connected. Not Connected to STM32.


            Pin8(VCC) -------> 3.3V




            Thank You.