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    CY4531 CCG3 Daughter Card standalone USB usage




      I have a CY4531 CCG3 Daughter Card which I am using standalone, without the CCG EVK Base Board.

      To develop the software I use PSoC Creator 4.0 update 1. For I2C,SPI and UART I used the component catalog to add these components to the TopDesign.cysch. These components work fine I am able to control UART,I2C and SPI.


      But now I am moving on to USB for this I have removed R48 and R49 from the CY4531 CCG3 Daughter Card and added 0E resistors on R51 and R52 and connected the USB Mini B (j7) to my PC.


      In the component catalog there are only USB components which are incompatible (USBFS,USBMIDI,USBUART)
       so these I cannot use. What I do now in my own main is control the functions in usb.c from the SDK directly.

      1. call usb_init() with my own usb_config_t structure
      3. call usb_enable()
      5. call usb_task from the mainloop.

      When the program starts my pc detects a new device, so I see that the CY4531 USB block is started, but the enumeration fails.
      Somehow the functions registered through usb_init's usb_config_t structure are never called


      Is there something else that must be done to usb the USB block?