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    Custom Profile Data Write And Read Problem

      I Have Problem Related with Write And Read Data From App Using BLE CYBL-10161


      In My Project I use The Third Party App, When I Connect The BLE to App It Get Connected Successfully,And After That App Shows "" Reading System Please Wait.."".


      This means that App Asking For Or Wants To  Read Some Attributes From BLE( I'm Replacing Previous BLE with CYBL-10161 BLE With Same App),


      So Can I know that Exactly Which Attribute App Ask Or Want's To Read.


      And I Also Wants To Know Exactly Which Event Occur When App Ask Or Wants To Read Attribute


      My Project Stuck Here


      ""When BLE Wants To Write Data On App And When App Wants To Read Data From BLE"".


      I'm New To Cypress BLE's.


      Please Give Your Valuable Response To me.