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    CY5677 linux driver?

              Hello. My team recently obtained CY5677 USB dongle, to see if our apps can work with it enabling BLE 4.2 featrues. The issue is that the device is not recognized by Linux image (based on yocto distro) currently we are using, and I wonder if there is Linux driver or utilities available to CY5677 already. We are building linux image here in our lab, so if you can point us to kernel patches or branches, which should work with CY5677, it is great. I briefly looked into your web-page, but I can see 'CySmart' kit is only available to Windows? I appreciate any kind of suggestion. (Also, I am not sticking to CY5677, but a solution that we can try BLE 4.2 on our linux, so if you have any suggestion in this regard, it would also be a great help.)   
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          I believe the CySmart API is compiled as a binary/library, so the best option with getting a dongle working would be: Contact Cypress Technical Support (open a case), reuse the windows binary, or write your own. There were a couple users on the forum who had some success, but I can't recall which topics/posts they were in :(