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    Query regarding File Transfer using BLE USB Dongle



      This is regarding file transfer between BLE USB dongle and Connected BLE peer device.


      My requirement is that I need to breakdown a file in small packets and send packets to the peer device.


      Peer device will send me acknowledgement after receiving a packet. if response is Pass i need to continue with further packets else stop the transfer and inform the user about error.


      I'm preparing to reuse the Notification Logger example for my requirement. This is available online as api_examples .


      As in this example Connection to peer device is already set.


      I need to work on the mechanism of send packet and receiving acknowledgement part. I'm planning to use like below


      use instance of ICyL2CapMgr interface to send and receive the data. Kindly let me know if the approach is correct.


      If the approach is not correct kindly suggest alternative method the fulfill my requirements.