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    Export PSoC Creator Project to Eclipse as C++ project

      I found PSoC Creator 4.0 can compile C++ source.


      But text editor of PSoC Creator doesn't support C++, so keyword highlight, auto complete doesn't work.


      So, I exported project to eclipse, but I have trouble in setting up eclipse to compile C++.


      First, I exported project as C project, at that time, compile was successful.


      After that, I added C++ nature by "File > New > Convert to a C/C++ project".


      I set include path of c++ compiler same as c compiler.


      Then,  I built the project, but eclipse output some errors as following.


      "undefined reference to `__cy_regions`" in Cm3Start.c


      "undefined reference to `__cy_stack`" in Cm3Start.o




      How to fix that?