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    CYBLE-014008-EVAL EZ-BLE™ PSoC Evaluation Board Default Firmware


      I have bought two dev kits of , CYBLE-014008-EVAL, and i'm trying to connect the boards using a cp2102 rs232- USB, and i'm not getting anything, on serial viewer. 


      The dev boards comes with the Ez-Serial Ble firmware like the production chips?



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          This depends on when the module on the evaluation board was manufactured. If it was manufactured before WW1701 (essentially the beginning of 2017), then it does not have EZ-Serial pre-programmed. If it was manufactured after this, then it does have EZ-Serial pre-programmed. There is a Data Matrix code (like a QR code) printed on each module's shield during manufacturing, and this contains a "YYWW" value indicating the year and work week of manufacture. Many free smartphone code scanner apps are capable of reading Data Matrix codes.


          If possible, the simplest solution is to reflash the EZ-Serial firmware image from the website onto the modules using the MiniProg3 or any KitProg device (including the break-off one available on the CY8CKIT-059 board).