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    Programming CY4531 PSoC Creator

      Hello ,


      I would like to program a code for my CY4531 for allowing a secure connection between my USB 2.0 and USB Type-C thanks to crypto engine for authentication.


      So I would like to know how I can I do that with PSoC Creator because i don't find my device in the list proposed in "Select Device" , does EZ-PD CCGx SDK (CCG3) in Target Hardware could be a good choice ?


      Or should I use EZ PD-Configuration Utility or PSoCProgrammer ( which not contained my device too).


      Regards ,

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          Build the application projects using the PSoC Creator. The firmware binaries will be generated in ELF, HEX, and
          CYACD formats suitable for SWD programming, Miniprog, and the EZ-PD configuration utility.


          You can refer to the chapter 4 of the CY4531 Kit Guide for updating the firmware using EZ-PD config. Else you can also use PSoC programmer with a Miniprog to flash the firmware with SWD.