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    Cysmart OTA upgrade

      Hello, my name is Nicolas, I'm an iOS developer.


      We are using a peripheral with cypress chip. To upgrade the firmware of this peripheral we are using CySmart iOS and Android application.  We would like to integrate the OTA firmware upgrade functionality in our iOS and Android apps.  We tried to use the CySmart open source code to integrate it in our apps but its a little tied to the CySmart Platform, and we are having some issues to implement this.
      We were wondering if there is any kind of SDK or any other tool that we could insert into our app. Also, we are open to any kind of suggestion that you may have for us regarding to this whole process. 


      Btw, we experienced some issues with the CySmart Android app, when we wanted to use the Bootloader tool the app disconnect from the peripheral making impossible to upgrade the firmware through it.




      Regards, Nicolas