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    CY4531 Port USB 2.0

      Hello ,


      I contact you today because I have a CY4531 EZ-PD CCG3 Evaluation Kit which comport a CYPD3125-40LQXIT 40QFN Daughter Card, and I would like to know to which port the USB 2.0 Mini-B connector is linked because in the Datasheet I can’t find it.


      Moreover I would like to know in PSoC Creator in my CYPD3125-40LQXIT,  which component should I use in the Component catalog to represent my USB 2.0 mini-B and my USB Type C and so to which port should I link them ?


      Thank you for your answers



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          You can check this in the CY4531  schematics to check the connection to the USB mini B.(present in the Kit contents).

          Build the application projects using the PSoC Creator. The firmware binaries will be generated in ELF, HEX, and

          CYACD formats suitable for SWD programming, Miniprog, and the EZ-PD configuration utility. Please try and let us know if you face any issue.

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            Hi Nicolas,


            1. The USB 2.0 Mini-B connector on daughter board is not USB2.0 device only which is linked to the chip CY7C65215. CY7C65215 on the board is USB to I2C bridge which is used for I2C bootloadering CCG3 with EZ-PD configuration Utility. You cannot drag any USB FS components in Creator 3.3 to get this. But CCG3 have USBFS block inside, which have implemented similar function as CY7C65215. But the firmware for CYPD3125 is not included. If you are interested in, you could take a look the firmware of CYPD3120.

            2. For Type-C PD stack, Cypress have already implement, you do not need drag any components for this. You may need a example firmware of CCGx, kindly install CCGx SDK to get them all. Download link: EZ-PD Software Development Kit | Cypress Semiconductor


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              A bit late answer, but it is easy to re-route to USB Mini-B connector to connect to D+/D- on the CCG3 IC. Look in the schematics, daughter board, page 3. Remove R48 and R49 and instead put them on R51 and R52 instead and you are good to go (but now you have to load new firmware using the SWD-port instead since you disabled the USB/I2C way).


              Then you need to create your own USB FS component, typically based on the USB HID / Billboard stack that you have in the DP Dongle example in the EZPD SDK.