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    ZYNQ with S25FL512SAG in QSPI mode, random loss of data




      I have a design that is lossing data randomly after a power cycle. The design consist of a Zynq using S25FL512SAG dual SS, 4 bit stacked in QSPI boot mode. 


      There are pull-downs on MIO2, MIO3, MIO4, and MIO6; those pins are connected to the memory. I scope all this signals and all look normal except for MIO4 (W#,DQ2 pin on the memory), see attached image, (Yellow - MIO4/Magenta - Clock).


      After a review on the forum I read that there is a Pull-Up circuit on WP#, could that be the cause of the unusual behavior on that pin?


      Could that also be the cause of the random loss of data after power-up?


      I appreciate any help - pointer on this.