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    SW Tx UART output garbled after changing clock freq


      As title says the SW Tx UART output is garbled after changing the clock frequency in code.


      I am running on the CY8CKIT-042-BLE-A


      ECO = 24 MHz


      UART baud rate set in component to 19200




          /* Internal low power oscillator is stopped as it is not used in this project */
          CySysClkIloStop();    // This is actually already done in the clock settings in PSoC Creator, but this is how it is achieved in code.

          /* Set the divider for ECO, ECO will be used as source when IMO is switched off to save power */
          CySysClkWriteEcoDiv(CY_SYS_CLK_ECO_DIV8);   // --> Provides a 3 MHz clock. Lowest clock acceptable for SW Tx UART component.
          /* change HF clock source from IMO to ECO, as IMO is not required and can be stopped to save power */
          /* stop IMO for reducing power consumption */
          /* CySysFlashSetWaitCycles can optionally be called after lowering SYSCLK
      * clock frequency in order to improve the CPU performance. */
          CySysFlashSetWaitCycles(3); // Frequency in MHz
          /* Update Delay frequency as clock frequency has changed */






      I output some debug to the UART and it outputs fine before i change the clocks.


      I thought that it should be enough to call CyDelayFreq when changing the freq.


      Do I miss something ?







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          I found the solution.




          I falsely believed the EcoDiv was the divider for the SYSCLK, but is it for the HFCLK.


          And since the SYSCLK divider was set to 2 in the settings, the clock got divided further down to 1.5 MHz.


          So i added the line:


          /* Change Prescaler for SYSCLK  - set to 1, since ECO is already divided by 8*/




          After setting ECO as HFCLK source.