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    BLE OTA Fixed Stack with Use of BLE API service in the bootloadable



      I am working on an existing project which uses BLE services. A BLE component was defined in its design. 


      In order to implement a OTA functionality in the existing project, I created a Fixed Stack Bootloader Project in the workspace, configured it (as well as the existing project to be bootloadable) using the AN 9706. I then followed the instruction from the "BLE OTA Fixed Stack Bootloader and Bootloadable"for adding service to the bootloadable:


      I first added the APIs needed by the bootloadable in the linker Script of the bootloader cm0gcc.ld (eg KEEP(*(i.CyBle_Start)))
      Then, ran the mk.bat file to generate the bootloadable linker Script BootloaderSymbolGcc.ld


      My problem is now that I should add the used BLE APIs as extern declaration (as well as the BLE types and defines) to the OTAMandatory.h file of the bootloadable project. That is where I am stuck because I do not know how to do that and I did not find example projects on the forum with the bootloadable using BLE services.


      Thank you in advance.