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    NOR Flash Migration from  S25FL164K0XMFV013 to S25FL064LABMFA013

      Hi All,


      We are using E10A lite for programming S25FL164K0XMFV013 flash via “sh726A_spibsc_fmtool.mot”. (fmtool_sflash)

      We need to know upon migrating from S25FL164K0XMFV013 to S25FL064LABMFA013 what are the changes that needs to be
      incorporated in the project ?

      Can we use the same E10A lite debugger to program the S25FL064LABMFA013 flash without any changes in the project
      workspace setting ?

      Can we just replace the flash chip and program the flash right away using E10A lite?


      Can we use the same above mentioned .mot file for programming the S25FL064LABMFA013 ?


      What would be the impact of migration from S25FL164K0XMFV013 to S25FL064LABMFA013.

      The IDE which we are using right now is IAR .

      We appreciate your quick response.