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    An issue about “NTSTATUS = c0000001” happened in FW compiled in Eclipse 1.3.3

      Hi, Cypress,


      I developed “SyncSlaveFifo2Bit” (as attachment) based on “slfifosync” which in EZ-USB FX3 SDK 1.3. I can successfully compile SyncSlaveFifo2Bit in Eclipse 1.3.3, and use Control center to download *.img (Debug folder) to CYUSB3014 to test w/ Streamer. However, “NTSTATUS = c0000001” happened after several Xfer…


      I also re-compile SyncSlaveFifo2Bit in Eclipse 1.2.2 and *.img coming from 1.2.2 can work well (transfer lots of packet and didn’t happen NTSTATUS = c0000001) with Streamer.


      The detailed description is as attached. I wonder if I should use 1.3.3 for my future work, and need your great help.


      look forward to your feedback.


      Many thanks, Jackie