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    Error in Comonent:Bootloadable

      I am trying the Build BLE firmware image from Cypress Psoc 4.1 but having issue in Bootloadable file assignment. 




      Below error:


      "Error in component: Bootloadable. The referenced Bootloader is invalid. Verify the Bootloader dependency is correct in the Bootloadable Component, then build project. Invalid bootloader hex file. Unable to read the hex file (C:\demo\bootloader.cyprj.Archive01\bootloader.cydsn\CortexM0\ARM_GCC_493\Debug\bootloader.hex). The path does not exist."




      Bootloadable components must have an associated bootloader design to build with. The reference in the Bootloadable's customizer must point to valid *.hex and *.elf files from a Bootloader design."




      I am trying to build BLE from command line but since bootloader picking relative path, build process does not go through.


      Please suggest me alternative option to build BLE firmware image from command line using cypress Psoc 4.1..

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          This error happens when the referenced bootloader component was build with a different version of the components or Creator. Try to build the bootloader project first.

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            HI , I am using Cypress PSoC 4.1 and i am seeing 2 files getting generated  CortexM0/"ARM_GCC_493",  "ARM_GCC_541".


            But in Cypress PSoc 4.1  only one file gets created, Cortex/ARM_GCC_493. 


            Any suggestion why 2 files getting created in Cypress 4.1 and Which .hex and .elf file has to chose.


            Is there any kind of performance related issue in using 4.0 as compare to 4.1 since few teams still using 4.0.


            Please suggest me.

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              The ARM toolchain was updated between Creator v4.0 (ARM_GCC_493) and Creator v4.1 (ARM_GCC_541). If you compile any project in a v4.1 installation with default settings, it should only create new output files in the _541 subfolder. Anything in the _493 output folder is what is left over from compiling in a previous Creator version.


              Unless you have a reason not to (e.g. known compatibility issues in your specific application code, which is unlikely), you should update all projects to v4.1 and be sure to configure any Bootloadable components to point to the .hex/.elf output files in the _541 output subfolders.


              In any case, you should compile all projects that are linked together in any way (e.g. bootloader + bootloadable) using the same ARM GCC toolchain version.