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    Unable to bulk transfer data

      I have connected my ES2000 board to a spartan 6 FPGA. I have downloaded the CyConsole and connected the board via USB. I have all the drivers installed correctly and the console recognizes my board. I am able to download the slave_fifo hex file onto the board. But when I try to do a bulk tranfer of the CMD (AA FF) it gives me bulk tranfer failed everytime. I have reset, installed the driver again and still gives me the same error. One thing I want to state is that the flash on my FPGA board isn't working. Does the transfer of this data occur through flash or directly with FPGA?

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          You should look for your Endpoint FIFO configuration.

          If your EP2 is Quad buffered and the interface is configured for slave fifo configuration and if clock is running on the interface,

          then you should be able to make 4 successful OUT transfers.


          If all the above are set correctly and even if you are seeing failures on the OUT endpoint transfers, please share your firmware.

          Also let us know where did you obtain slave_fifo.hex file?