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    WiFi Password setup



      I am interested in using AMW004 (Wallaby) as the WiFi module in one of my project. I am in the PCB design phase right now and wondering how to setup the WiFi password in the finished product.


      Please let me know.

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          This is a great question (mostly because its so easy to answer )


          Have you looked at the evaluation kit or did you jump straight into a design with the module? Either way is fine but the evaluation kit documentation is designed to help you get started in the quickest manner possible without having to jump into the deep end.


          Please read the information here:

          http://ack.me/resources/download/231/AUG_MW004E, Section 3.3

          But let me draw your attention to section 3.3.1 specifically that leads you through the manual method.

          This should give you everything you need to get started - good luck!

          Front Cover.png  Section331.png

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