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    Problem with PWM at pin 25--> BLE modules broken

      Good afternoon,


      We are using CYBLE-214009-00 to run a turbine with the sensorless motor control method for a three-phase permanent magnet motor and we run through some trouble with the micro-controller.


      First of all, attached you can find a diagram of the connections.


      In a sensorless control strategy you need to use PWM in the top drivers of the three branches/phases (A, B and C). After some time of testing and some progress (managing to operate the motor) the system stopped working because one phase was failing (phase C) and we found out that the impedance from pin 25-TOP_C to GND was in the range of 200Ohms while the impedance of TOP_A and TOP_B to GND was in the range of MOhms. After desouldering the module we found out that the impedance was still much lower than it should be in TOP_C.


      It happened the same with the first PCB we tested but much sooner so we thought it was a problem of the soldering of the module but now we know the module also crashed in the first PCB.


      We would really appreciate if you could help us find out the cause of this trouble.


      Thank you,


      Arnau Ibarz Claret