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    Errors in Character LCD Documentation


      I'm just starting with the CY8CKIT-050.  I've instatntiated the Character LCD and read the associated Document Number: 001-86319 Rev. **


      The datasheet introduces over a dozen API functions that all start with LCD_Char_..., such as LCD_Char_PrintString().  Those functions will not compile, but LCD_PrintString() works fine.


      Am I missing an update?  If not, perhaps the fine folks at Cypress might revise the datasheet, so that my competitors don't need to waste as much time as I just did.  Most other things are working just great.  Thanks for an otherwise excellent product!

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                  Welcome in the fascinating world of PSoCs!   
          In the datasheet the component is named "LCD_Char" while you named it just "LCD". The selected name is always prepended to the _API() to give you the possibility to instanciate two components (Whatever you choose) and distinguish which you want to address with the API.   
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            Also keep in mind when you place a component on schematic, with it


            unselected, rigjht clik, pick "Find example project" and you can add to


            your workspace an example use of the component (with code) or open in


            a new workspace. Either way you can then cut and paste code into your


            project. Fast way of getting stuff to work.




            Regards, Dana.