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    CY14B108N HSB behavior when autostore is disabled?



      Is there a timing diagram for the CY14B108N showing HSB operation when the autostore has been disabled?  I have noticed that the HSB (Harware STORE Busy) pin is pulled low by the device during a brownout or powerdown even though the autostore was disabled. If the store is disabled then why is it busy? Is this normal behavior?





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          Hi Kevin,


          The HSB pin is a bidirectional pin. When it serves an an output pin it can

          1) Indicate that the nvSRAM is busy in executing power on boot up

          2) Indicates that a STORE cycle initiated by the software or the hardware pin is in progress

          3) Indicates that VCC has dropped below the VSWITCH


          During power down as the 3rd point criteria is met it will be internally pulled low. It is normal behavior.