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    Daylight-Saving-Time (DST) in Real-Time-Clock (RTC)




      I just wanted to set a RTC to European standards for DST which is


      DSTStart : Last Sunday in March


      DSTEnd : Last Sunday in October


      Since I can set the week with RTC_WriteDSTStartWeek(Week), there is not a chance to set Week to the LAST week.


      Besides calculating the number of Sundays for a given month myself, I would rather prefer to specify "5" for the week and let the RTC adjust it to the correct value which would be 4 or 5 (There are never more than 5 Sundays in a month and never less than 4)


      Is there a chance that the RTC-Module will be updated to reflect the European Standards as of 2000/84/EG ORDERING of DAYLIGHT-SAVING-TIME?