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    where can I  download the AN75779 sample code?


             From the forum, I found that there are a lot of post disscuss the AN75779 sample. But  when I search the sdk  folder , there are no  AN75779 sample code , and from  "http://www.cypress.com/?rID=57990"  (related files ) I also can not find the sample .  


         There are only two samples about uvc "usbvideoclass" and "usbbulkvideoclass" . And from AN75779 , there is a file named "uvc.c ", but  there are no files named uvc.c.   Ago I think that the AN75779 should be developed by developers, but from forum, it seems that Cypress offer the source code . 




         Is the sample free??  if free how can I get it? thanks!