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    Hiding SSID for SoftAP Network

      Is it possible to hide the SSID of the SoftAP network?  Routers usually have an option similar to " do not broadcast the SSID".  I'd like to do the same with SoftAP.

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          Please refer below link.

          softAP with hidden SSID?


          The API is not implemented yet.

          So you can add following code in wwd_wifi.c


          wiced_result_t wiced_wifi_set_closednet(uint32_t closed) {

              wiced_buffer_t buffer;

              uint32_t *data = (uint32_t *)wiced_get_iovar_buffer(&buffer, (uint16_t)4, IOVAR_STR_CLOSEDNET);


              *data = closed;

              return wiced_send_iovar(SDPCM_SET, buffer, NULL, SDPCM_AP_INTERFACE);