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    Problem with SPIM, I can't receive anything

      Sorry, I just solved my problem while gathering the data to get support but the solution creates another question for me, why does what I explain below happen when I use a buffer superior to 4 bytes? I know the SPIM have a 4byte hardware buffer but why it doesn't work when using software buffer? I had the SPIM configured for 28 bytes.




      Thank you.




      My post:




      I'm interfacing the PSOC 4 with an ADS1298. I'm trying to get some that out of the ADS1298 so I only have to provide clock to it to receive some of the data.


      I do that correctly and it sends data since I can see it in the scope. The problem is that I can't read any data with the SPIM.


      This is the loop where I keep receiving data.












      for(i=0; i<27;i++){




      while(!(SPIM_1_ReadTxStatus() & SPIM_1_STS_SPI_DONE));


      // CyDelayUs(10);


      while(!(SPIM_1_ReadRxStatus() & SPIM_1_STS_RX_FIFO_NOT_EMPTY));




      payload[i] = SPIM_1_ReadRxData(); 


      //UART_UartPutChar(payload[i] );










      If tried commeting the first while and the second or adding the delay with no luck.  If I don't comment the if(SPIM_1_GetRxBufferSize()>0)  it gets stuck there because it is not reading anything but it is receiving data since I can see it with my scope.




      The solution was to change the RX buffer size to 4.