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    How about Phase Comparator




      Hello Friends     



      This time, I am starting the work of Phase Comparator     



      It is very just an experimental design.     






      What is use it for?     



      Phase detector for PLL     



      Frequency comparator for FLL     



      Clock synchronization     






      With my DDS ...     



      Vector Voltage Measurement     



      Automatic Universal Bridge     



      Tuning machine for musical instruments ?      






      Theory of operation     









      This logic come from 4046 type TTL, PLL device.     



      That TTL has 3 type phase detectors.     



      PC1 is exclucive-or method     



      PC2 is edge detected method     



      PC3 is RS-flip-flop method     



      Each has each characteristic.     






      PC2 has a feature different with others.     



      It have wide lock-in range and available to     



      frequency detection not only phase-range.     












      This is quite getting started now,     



      Has many unstable behavior still     



      I'm not certain that can use at actually.     






      Thank you