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    I can´t generate/build. Why does makehex.exe crash?

       Hi! My name is Jonathan and I use CY8C29466 and CY8C24123 for school's projects.




      Last summer I did a little project for my girlfriend and it was the last time I used de PSoC designer. Some days ago I began a project and I noticed that I can´t compile when I used the F6 button. I tried with my old projects and they worked. I tried with my new project and I had problems again. When I tried to use the program part in a old project it didn't work.


      So I have installed the PSoC designer 5.4 but it doesn't work. When I try to generate/build it returns me the message: "makehex.exe dejó de funcionar. Windows le avisará si encuentra una solución" I think that it means: "makehex.exe crashed. Windows will send you a note if they find a solution". So I can´t program and I don't understand the reason. It was OK until three days ago.




      I know the problem could be windows but does somebody knows the way to solve it?